The Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team Presented by Central Moving and Storage

Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team

For more than 15 years the Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team has been entertaining crowds at their favorite motorcycle rallies, dealership events, and charity fundraisers. Let us help you build and keep a crowd at your next event.

Our shows are a blend of entertainment and daring motorcycle maneuvers that will leave your audience impressed, excited, and looking for more. We take the biggest and best touring motorcycles that Harley Davidson and Honda have to offer and and bend them to our will, demonstrating extreme skill that leaves people swearing that their bikes cannot accomplish the same feats…but they can, if you’re crazy enough.

 We perform all over the country from Americade to Leesburg Bikefest, WingDing to Daytona Bike Week. So, if you are looking for the best team this side of the Mississippi, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us and find out how our award winning performances can add value to your next motorcycle event.


The Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team exists to provide compelling entertainment while promoting the safe and fun use of motorcycles in skillful riding demonstrations.